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Too Caught Up On Lifting More Weight

Owning and running a gym, I get to see a lot of folks putting in a lot of work to get the ultimate reward. A "better" body. If you think about it, there is NOTHING more valuable than your vehicle through life... how your body feels, survives, and performs are of utmost importance. That's what Westside Strength & Conditioning is all about - making your body healthier and more resilient. While I love seeing someone's self confidence improve, that's a side effect. Like we always say, we're here to help you live longer and stronger.

Progressive overload is the law of strength land, but it shouldn't always be from increasing the weight on the bar!

Imagine squatting your go-to weight, whatever that may be, 10 reps, resting 2 minutes and repeating for 5 sets.

Now, imagine squatting the same weight with a 5 second lowering, where you power up out of the hole explosively enough to feel the bar try to escape your grip, and come up off of your shoulders, on every single one of those 10 reps. Pair this with 20 glute bridges, and a 20 second RKC Plank in your 2 minute rest break... DIFFERENT STORY! This is the stimulus we want to adapt to, as it is transferable to real life. It builds a stronger, healthier, more resilient body; without beating it to a pulp.

Your ligaments, tendons, and worn down cartilage will thank you for the higher quality reps.

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