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"I have been with Westside Strength & Conditioning for almost 3 years and consider everyone here family. The workouts are fun, challenging and always changing. If you are looking for a new gym with trainers and friends to support you in your journey to a healthier lifestyle, check out Westside Strength & Conditioning!"

- Corey Skadburg (Facebook Review)

"Best gym

ever! Able to

lose weight

and tone up

while having

fun and

working hard!" 

- Natalie Krause (Google Review)

"Westside is hands down the best gym in the area.

Calvin and Sarah truly care about you and what you are getting from your workouts. They are always upbeat and encouraging to get you through the toughest workouts!"

- Alyssa Yoder

"Awesome instructors

and the


are the best!"

-Christopher Spinelli

"Just finished my 3 class trial and I love this gym!"

- Ryan Bell

"Amazing workout, small class sizes, staff is very friendly and helpful!"

- Taylor Dee

"A fun and inviting atmosphere. As somebody who has been attending classes for 2+ years, I really appreciate Calvin’s ability to keep the workouts fresh and fun. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of this gym is the sense Calvin really cares about your well-being. Despite being a group exercise class, the personalized attention we receive to prevent injury and get the most out of our class is top notch."

- Brent Kell

"Right around this time last year I was asking friends for gym recommendations. A few pointed me to Westside Strength & Conditioning and I haven’t looked

back since! I feel

stronger than ever and actually look forward to getting my rear end

kicked every morning by Calvin and Sarah. If you’re looking for a smaller gym setting that will challenge you, where there are no gimmicks,

and you’re trained by certified personal trainers, Westside is where

you need to go!"

- Jennifer Cunningham

"If you

want great

results, while learning and having a variety of fun and changing workouts, there is

no better gym than Westside!"

- Mike Painovich

"Love working out with

SaraH! She motivates

and inspires and is so positive when change occurs! My sister And I do partner sessions and just love the different workouts!"

- Molly Charley

"very good workout. trainers are very knowledgable."

- Derrick Hayden

"I have been working out at WSC for over 4 years now and I can say and it is the best place to go no matter your goals. They will set you up with a personalized plan to meet your needs in a friendly and supportive environment. Great for people of all ages and physical capabilities, I much prefer

the personalized training programs and family atmosphere you get at WSC over the larger gyms."

- Matt Moore (running back at Washington U)


staff was so

helpful and kind, everyone

was encouraging and it was an amazing workout."

- Bobbikae Pickrel

"Fantastic staff, challenging workout."

- Robbin Mann

"Knowledgeable staff,

willing to make adjustments for your

ability, cross training style work out."

- Kim White

"The staff is wonderful and positive! They are very involved in making sure the workouts are

done safely."

- Jamie morrow

"Urbandale was missing something until Westside moved in. Calvin and his trainers really take a personal stake in your wellness and

goals. I don't feel judged when I walk into the gym and I appreciate the time this place puts into adapting my workouts for my struggles and strengths. I love the small class size and the programming changes often. I have mixed in a few personal training sessions with Calvin and Sarah, which have really helped educate me on proper form and keep me accountable with my crazy schedule. This is a great place and I recommend it to everyone!"

                 - Michelle Rankin

"I can't say enough

good things about this place.

I have always liked group workout classes but never found anything that was mostly focused on weightlifting so this was right up my alley.

I have been going for about

4 weeks now and I am still

burning around 800

calories per workout.

It is pretty

amazing. This is the

only gym I have seen that gives

you a actual trial, they give you

a 10 day free trial. Most gyms only give you a day or two which is no enough to determine if you are going to like it or not. I can guarantee if you are a fan of strength training you will be hooked after your trail. This is the best workout I have ever had

and I highly recommend you try

it out." - Scott Kirstenmacher

"Been going to 

Westside for 2 years now. I’m healthier and stronger functionally, at 41, then I’ve been in most of my adult life. The trainers are encouraging, knowledgeable and want to see you succeed. We’re lucky to have such great local option."

- John Koons

The trainers at Westside are amazing. They are very patient and teach you proper form. The other people that go to the classes are happy, encouraging and so fun to be around; it makes working out enjoyable!"

- Suzanne Mulet

"I was a member

here for 1.5+ years

and I can honestly

say it was one of the

best investments I have

ever made. Super

friendly staff who know

you on a first name basis.

They are also accommodating if you have any physical



Most importantly,

the trainers

really put emphasis

on maintaining good

form and building mind-

muscle connection. Class size can range depending on the attendance but the team atmosphere is fun either

way. If you are uncertain about joining I say go for it, you won't regret it! I started with no weight training experience and I've seen soo much results over my time here!"

- Aditi Dahal

"I've been a member

at Westside

since July,

and it is the

first workout that

I truly look

forward to going to.

And believe me, I've done almost every kind of workout under

the sun. The

trainers are



really push

you to be

better and to get

stronger but in a

very positive way.

You can tell they

truly want you to

reach your goals, no matter what they are!

I highly recommend

 trying them out!"

- Jamie Thompson

"Calvin and Sarah are the absolute best. They will work you hard but are also helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with you too. I was totally new to this type of workout and they make everyone feel comfortable. If you are also new give them a try as they are really personally involved and will get you get more and more comfortable with it."

- Ryan Rooney

"When I moved to Iowa I was

worried I wouldn't get the same

level of training I've come to expect. Happy that a friend of a friend

brought me here. Calvin is great, he will work with you

towards your goals and push you to excel. My training regimen

has been broadened with his expertise and

I'm getting stronger everyday.

I highly recommend Westside."

- Stacy Dill

"Great people. Great workouts.

I wasn’t a big believer in group fitness,

mostly it was my own


But love my fitfam."

- Kirsten Cox

"After attending classes at

the gym for 30 days, I

decided it was high time that I

write a review for Westside! 

Let me start by saying

that no means am I a

"physically fit"


Once upon a time

I was a runner, but my

motivation for working out was lost when I began

a 3 hour commute/day for my job which I did for almost a year and a half!

After getting a placement back in the metro, and losing almost the entire commute,

I knew it was time to get back into motion! I never could have imagined that I would stumble across this gem of a place and the incredible people inside. The gym is smaller in size (which I think is great for class), but not too small! The workout from warm-up to cool-down is determined for you- especially nice if you don't have a lot of "gym" knowledge. As the gym is smaller, it becomes extremely evident that Calvin and Sarah get to spend time with you personally (I've been called by name since day one), making sure you're in the right position, explaining modifications, grabbing you a heavier weight or just rooting you on. BONUS: sometimes they bring their dog. Who can beat that? Don't get me wrong, it's an adventure each day and you'll never leave the place dry. The BEST workouts I've ever gotten. If you're on the fence- just try. It's absolutely worth it! Thanks guys!"

- Amanda Spain

"If you’re looking for someone to drive you in attaining the results your looking for, Calvin and Westside Strength

& Conditioning is the place for you.

I would recommend that you take advantage of the free 2 week trial…trust me, you’ll want to sign-up as the workouts are designed with purpose!"

- John Cox

"Great trainers... makes going

to the gym easy, and I typically don't like gyms."

- Travis Djuren

"I started working out with Calvin 6 years ago.

His motivation and fun workouts helped me

find my passion for fitness pretty quickly!

I used to be more of a runner or cardio girl and

I worked out only because I felt like I should.

                                         After working out with Calvin my workouts started to be something                             I looked forward to everyday! Not only are the workouts at WSC fun but Calvin, Sarah & the trainers will know your true potential & push you to meet your goals! I have worked out with them through many stages of my fitness journey including training me for a bodybuilding competition, throughout my entire pregnancy & now post baby. The best part is that during each stage in my fitness journey my workouts were made or modified for me to meet my exact goals. So no matter your age, body type, or skill they will help you reach your true fitness potential! I truly cannot rave about WSC enough. There is no doubt this is the best gym & group of trainers in the DM metro!"

- Rachel Reimers

"Hands down best gym in the state of Iowa. Calvin is a top notch trainer and will push you to workout harder. Definitely recommend this gym if you want to be pushed hard and trained properly."

- Molly Cox

"I just started

working out at Westside in April

2018 and quickly

lost 30 pounds and gained strength in less than 3 months.

The trainers

here are amazing.

They are friendly,

helpful and you feel welcome and part of the group from day 1.

The best gym


I've ever been apart of."

- Matt Lundquist

"I wanted to give a shout out to

Westside Strength & Conditioning.

I have been going to this gym for 1 year and it has had some

very positive effects on my overall health. 1 year ago my blood pressure was very

high and cholesterol levels were well over the for the bad, and way too low for the good stuff. I had my annual physical this year and my BP was 106/63 and my bad cholesterol level dropped from 241 to 204 (recommend to be below 200) and good cholesterol increased from 24 to 38 (recommend to be above 40). I was very close to having to take medication for both issues, but now I’m on track to not need either. I attribute this positive change to the consistent and

intense workouts from this gym. They are motivating, fun and push you at the same time. The hard work leads to a mind set change around food as I started to focus on healthy eating

to refuel after workouts and properly fuel before workouts.

I joined the gym to get stronger and lose some

weight, but what I have found are some pretty

dramatic health improvements that will improve my overall

health andwell being for the long run. And

the structure to the workouts, the variation in rep

scheme and the different cycles Calvin and Sarah take you through

will have you putting on some serious gains in your

lifts. If you are looking for a great gym, great trainers,

awesome atmosphere and drive to make some positive

improvements, then I recommend you give this place a try.

They have some great deals for new members to see

if it is a good fit for what you want. Thanks Westside!"

- Kyle Bruner

"The encouragement,

relationships and

level of


fit with

what I want. My coaches and "fit family" work hard, have fun and create a positive atmosphere."

- A.J. Groathouse

"If you like attentive trainers who are inspiring and knowledgeable and a gym with great workouts then this is the place for you!"

- Brian Parizek

"The best workout I have had in years! I already feel stronger and I'm having fun! I look forward to going to the morning classes. The workouts are well thought out with intention behind each day. Everyday feels like a personal training session even though it's a group. The coaches do a fantastic job making sure technique is correct and safe. Never felt so happy about being sore!"

- Sara Ryan

"I love the time

and attention Calvin and Sarah give me, the feedback on my workout, and their passion for helping people achieve their

health and fitness goals. So excited to see what my fitness future has in store with these two

coaching me alongthe way!"

- Michelle Ann

"Overall the

best gym experience I have ever had. The staff are supportive, knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend for all fitness levels."

- Niki Anderson

"Do yourself a favor and hire Calvin.

Here's the deal, these workouts

are really hard and once you

think you have it down they

only get harder. And then you start

getting stronger and running

faster accomplishing

these goals like doing assisted

pull up that you never knew you even had.

So you get strong and you

start feeling really good

about yourself, and the hour of pain

just becomes a regular part of the day you look forward to

because Calvin is the best. And he makes you feel like you can accomplish anything."

- Jessica Vanden Berg

I’ve been going to Westside for about three weeks now and absolutely love it. Calvin and Sarah are very knowledgeable, motivational,

and just all-around great people.

They value quality over quantity, which can’t be said for too many gyms these days. All workouts are well planned months in advance and have a purpose. It feels great

to be excited about a

workout again." 

- Lela Houseman

"Best Gym in the Des Moines Metro! I've been working with Calvin for 4 years now and

have never experienced a

trainer who loves what he

does more than him and

who is dedicated to people like he is. I was a college athlete and these work outs take me

back to those days. Stop in and see for yourself! You won't be disappointed!" 

- Rachael Plunkett

"Calvin and Sarah

are both very motivating, enthusiastic, and attentive. I look forward to working out there each day and look forward to the results I know I will see!"

- Stephanie Wagner

"Hands down the best

experience all around. The staff are inviting and genuinely supportive. The environment is wonderful as well. Each person can have their own level and energy without alienating beginners while still working on similar exercises. More than 5 stars!"

- Sarah Mau

"Worked with

Calvin for 3 years.

This guy is a wealth of

knowledge in all things fitness. He pushes you to be a better healthier version of you. He explains the "whys" behind the workout so you aren't simply following blind directions. And he is just an all around good dude."

- Ayal Naggar

"Just signed up this week and very

happy I did. Calvin is encouraging, inclusive and very knowledgeable. I wish I would've found this gym a long time ago."

- John Koons

(Facebook Review)

Two years ago I had a 4 week old

and knew I was ready to get back

in the gym. I thought about going

to a gym that I knew had worked

for me in the past, but decided to

take a chance at a new gym, with

trainers I trusted. This was a

great decision for both myself and my

husband who have now been members since they

opened. The small group atmosphere allows you to receive individual guidance throughout the workout. Westside is the perfect gym whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the last 2 years, I have hit all of these stages, and had the support of the wonderful trainers to help me lose baby weight, gain muscle, and improve my diet. You will receive a positive, motivating workout, and can even join in on the competitions. The trainers and members of Westside are one of a kind! You will be pushed, you will be sore, and you will see results! This is a quote posted at Westside, 'The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bull$hit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.'  If you are ready to make a change and improve your overall health, call Westside. They won’t disappoint! Calvin, Sarah and Jess are the best trainers around! Thanks for all the workouts (most of them :)), grocery shopping tips, brownies, laughter, and friendship! Happy 2 years and thanks for your support along the way!"

- Natalie Krause (Facebook Review)

"I have been with

Westside Strength &

Conditioning for almost

3 years and consider everyone here family. The workouts are fun,

challenging and always

changing. If you are

looking for a new gym

with trainers and

friends to support

you in your journey

to a healthier lifestyle,

check out Westside

Strength & Conditioning!"

- Corey SkadburG (Google Review)

"As someone

who has tried just about every gym and group fitness class in the Des Moines area there is truly nothing like Westside Strength & Conditioning. Since I have started with Westside not only have I grown in my physical strength but my mental strength as well. Calvin and Sarah have a unique way of encouraging and pushing you to go further than you ever thought you could go and their passion for what they do is infectious. It’s so much more than a gym, it’s a lifestyle!"

- Shelby Shaw

"Calvin and Sarah put the "personal" in personal training and classes! A beyond friendly, hands-on, personalized work-out experience. I've been there for two years, and the physical results combined

with the gym family atmosphere,

make this hour of my day, the best!"

- Misha McCurnin

"Westside Strength

and Conditioning

is my happy place!

I had never lifted a weight prior to coming to this gym...

I started here to get my arms in shape for my wedding

(and don't get me wrong, I needed more than that),

but I gained so much more and never left. I've been called by name

since day one, when I've been injured (outside of the gym), Calvin and Sarah have been able to instantly modify a workout for me and the

other clients have become instant friends. If you're

on the fence... take the jump and just try.

If I can do it, you can too!"

-Amanda Spain (Yelp)

"Sarah and Calvin are both great trainers. I have been working with

Sarah for quite some time now,

and she is a great encourager,

even when I don't want to

show up to work out. They

are friendly, flexible and

knowledgable. I love their

easy going style and

welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. Their pricing is

reasonable and worth the cost for fit trainers that care about their work.

And it's always a fun time!"

- Kendra Hubbell


gym shopping

recently due to

dissatisfaction with

where I was working out. Calvin and Sarah are top notch trainers and made me feel welcome. The classes are challenging but they will make accommodations if needed. Wodify is used for tracking progress. You won't regret investing in yourself!"

- Regina Montgomery

"This gym is like my second home.

I go to the 5 AM class Monday through Friday and I can't imagine going anywhere else. The friends that I've made and the trainers are like family to me. I can't wait to go each day. I would recommend this gym 100% to anyone looking to get a tone body, enjoy lifting weights and needs a healthy mental kick start to the New Year.  My Happy Place"

- Andra Pelds

"I can't say enough AMAZING things about Westside Strength & Conditioning. Calvin and Sarah put in so much work to make members feel welcome and safe. Westside is a safe place for me to workout judgement free and they both work tirelessly to make effective workouts and modifications if necessary. The gym is like family and it's become routine because of the atmosphere and results. Give Westside Strength & Conditioning a chance because you will not be disappointed."

- Nick Gomez

"I have been at

Westside for a year

and half now and

could not ecommend it enough! Calvin & Sarah do

a great job of designing and customizing the workouts to push everyone at

their own ability. If you need less or more they will alter your workout so you can make the most of it. The facilities are very well maintained and both the trainers and the individuals make it a fun and light atmosphere. Since beginning I have replaced around 15-20 lbs of fat with muscle, I feel more lean and confident and will continue to be a member at Westside for a very LONG time."

– Tyler Kromkowski

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