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Dryland Training

Dryland Training

What is Dryland Training? Dryland training takes place, you guessed it, on dry land. The goal is to use strength and conditioning exercises to increase power, mobility, and flexibility. For swimmers, this means the ultimate goal is to become more explosive in the water, increase speed and stroke rate, and improve distance per stroke.

Westside Strength & Conditioning uses a combination of stretching, resistance training and plyometric movements to help athletes achieve excellence in the pool. Along with becoming a stronger, more explosive athlete—your child will gain considerable confidence, which is probably even more important. Your swimmer will be taught how to utilize scientifically proven training methods to maximize his or her power–while at the same time, promoting mobility and recovery–with the added bonus of increasing awareness of his or her body in space (proprioception).

You can expect the sessions to be educational and fun... getting them hooked on seeing progress is one of our top priorities. Dryland Training Specialists will work with your athlete every step of the way to execute a program that will reduce the risk of injury, while preparing for competition at a higher level.

Fun Fact! In the 2021-2022 season, 6 of our swimmers went on to win 9 State Titles!

Our athletes took gold at state in the following events: Boys 400 yard Freestyle Relay (2022), Boys 200 IM (2022), Boys 100 yard Backstroke (2022), Boys 200 meter Butterfly (2021), Girls 200 yard Freestyle (2021), Girls 500 yard Freestyle (2021), and 3 of the 4 swimmers  on the State Champion Girls 400 yard Freestyle Relay (2021) train with us. Many of our athletes have even gone on to receive scholarships and swim at the college level!